Long-term and Short-term Disability Claims

You generally either receive long-term and short-term disability insurance through an employer’s benefit plan or you purchase it directly from an insurer. By buying the insurance and paying the premiums, employees and private purchasers are owed disability benefits in the event of an injury or disability that prevents them from working.

Unfortunately, insurers don’t always hold up their end of the contracts and deny claims based on allegations such as:

  • Applicants are not disabled
  • Applicants are not sufficiently disabled to entitle them to benefits
  • Applicants made misrepresentations about their medical conditions on their insurance applications

Disputes with insurers can arise involving the nature and level of chronic pain, the effects of psychological trauma, along with a range of other issues. If you believe your short- or long-term disability or critical illness benefits were wrongfully denied in Ontario, you need a lawyer who can defend your rights.

Experienced lawyers who will treat you like a life, not just another file

At Howie, Sacks & Henry, our team of lawyers has handled many disability and critical illness insurance disputes. If your claim was denied, we can evaluate whether or not the insurance company’s decision was appropriate. If it wasn’t, we will ensure your condition is fully evaluated by a medical practitioner to present the best possible disability claim on your behalf.

We believe disabled workers deserve the insurance benefits they have paid thousands of dollars in premiums for. And we will do whatever it takes to ensure you get the best result.

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