What other type of immediate financial assistance is available to families?

Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 Plane Crash Lawsuit FAQs: What other type of immediate financial assistance is available to families?

The quickest financial assistance right now, that we are aware of, is through the Canadian government. We understand that a portal has been set up where families can log in answer questions and immediately get the twenty five thousand dollars.

The other issue that has come to our attention in the last week or so is that one of our clients had bought their ticket with a credit card, which had a life insurance policy attached to it. There is a ninety day claims period, meaning that you had to submit a claim within ninety days. We don’t know what claims periods will be on other credit cards so it’s absolutely urgent that you check this.

The other thing to note about these policies is that usually there is an exclusion regarding a terrorist act. Therefore we are going to urge anyone who has a life insurance policy: do not sign up for any lawsuit in which the plaintiffs are suggesting that Iran committed an act of terrorism.

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