How can a personal injury lawyer help me?

Personal injury lawyers who are good help victims of accidents in many ways you might not even think of.

Good personal injury lawyers help manage your case against persons who have caused your injuries.

Good personal injury lawyers handle claims against your accident benefit insurer.

Some lawyers don’t do that.

Good personal injury lawyers monitor your treatment team and they often suggest seeing other specialists that perhaps your treatment team don’t even consider.

This is because many good personal injury lawyers with years of experience understand many of the medical issues that you are going through.

Good personal injury lawyers assemble one or more medical consultants to help with your case.

This is in addition to your treating doctors, and opinions from these people can often find other things that could be dealt with medically to help you.

Good personal injury lawyers typically find and hire an experienced case manager.

This is an experienced medical person whose job it is to maintain and monitor your rehabilitation program once you’re out of hospital.

Often that person is a vital key to your case.

In our cases at Howie, Sacks & Henry we have even helped families with housing situations, and problems dealing with finding the right place to live after the accident and injuries which is often not the place that they lived in before the accident.

We have helped clients in financial crisis get loans to solve that crisis and deal with the short-term problems.

We’ve helped families and victims find good family counsellors to help with marital problems, or problems within the household which can often arise following the problems brought about by the accident.

We provide basic tax advice at a cases conclusion to help avoid some taxes if that is possible, and we help clients with decisions about how best to use and protect the money that they receive from their case.

If you have any more questions about this topic by all means please feel free to give me a call.

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