How can a lawyer help me if my disability benefits have been denied?

In my earlier video, I discussed some of the reasons insurance companies deny disability benefits.

Insurance companies of course have an interest in the outcome of disability claims; the fewer cases they approve the greater their profit margins will likely be.

But lawyers can even the playing field with these insurers.

Here’s why it makes sense to hire a disability lawyer if your insurance company denies your claim:

A disability lawyer:

will make sure that you meet all the deadlines set out in your policy,

will make sure that all of your relevant medical evidence is sent,

will obtain letters from your treating doctors, and expert doctors, that respond to the specific provisions of your policy.

You see, knowing the right questions to ask doctors, rather than relying on the often bias forms sent by the insurance company, will ensure you have an air tight case and an approved claim.

A disability lawyer will also move your case forward to a resolution either through settlement negotiations or through the legal process.

Hiring a disability lawyer allows you to focus on your health and wellbeing. Your lawyer, not you, will be dealing with the insurer, the paperwork, and all of the other stressors that comes along with a denied claim.

At HSH, we help clients recover their disability benefits, their health and their wellbeing.

If your disability claim has been denied and you are too sick and too tired to deal with the insurer, please call me. I would be more than happy to help you.

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