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Your reputation is everything. So is ours. Known for putting clients first and fighting the ‘hard fight’, our reputation is built on our compassion, integrity, quality services, and commitment to helping accident victims live their lives as close to normal as possible. It also comes from having the highest caliber of professionalism: the depth of experience and legal expertise that delivers results and protects our clients’ quality of life.

When you refer a file to us, your reputation is on the line. You want to know your client, family member, friend or acquaintance is in the best of hands. Even if you handle some personal injury cases yourself, you can rest assured we will use our extensive experience with larger and more complex tort matters to achieve the best results for your clients.

Our record speaks for itself. We’ve been involved in the most serious of cases – some that are often extremely complex, sometimes ground-breaking, and occasionally shape the very legal system in which we operate.

One of the best in Canada

As a result, Canadian Lawyer Magazine has rated us as one of the top personal injury firms in Canada since 2011. That’s why more legal professionals are putting their trust in Howie, Sacks & Henry.

You can refer your files to us with confidence

If you are not already aware, the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) permits referral fees both among and between lawyers and licensed paralegals. We comply with all LSUC rules and pay competitive referral fees.

When accidents happen, clients, family or friends in crisis might reach out to you for help, even if you don’t specialize in personal injury law. When you know and can refer them to a reputable personal injury firm, you can help alleviate some of their stress and receive a referral fee in the process.

Even if you do handle personal injury cases, when you choose us as counsel our considerable experience and reputation for larger, more complex tort matters will help you yield the best results for your clients.

Keep in mind that in today’s world, you must assume that your clients, especially those with more serious injuries, are usually calling on more than one firm to interview.  Therefore, when you make a referral it should be to a firm who has a very good chance of winning the client’s trust through experience, credentials and compassion. And in order to receive a referral fee, the firm you refer to needs to take the file to completion.  We have the reputation and resources to keep, and fight for the best result for your clients.

In the end we all want to ensure our clients benefit from the best legal advice. As one of the top personal injury firms in Canada, you can refer your files to us with confidence.

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Among the best in Canada

Since 2011 Canadian Lawyer Magazine rated us one of the top personal injury law firms in Canada. Why? With close to 20 years helping accident victims and their families, our firm understands the laws that affect your rights to compensation because we’ve helped shape those laws in favour of accident victims.

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