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Medical devices and implants that were once the preserve of imaginative science fiction have become a modern reality. Each year revolutionary advances are being made that push the limits of what was once thought possible in a variety of medical fields, providing hope to people suffering from illness that their health and quality of life may improve.

From defibrillator implants that protect against cardiac arrest or irregular heartbeats, to polypropylene surgical mesh used in place of human tissue, to artificial joint replacements, to certain types of birth control devices, it has become common for doctors and surgeons to suggest the use of implanted manufactured products to perform or regulate key bodily functions.

But if these devices are defective and fail, dreams of a healthier future can sometimes turn into nightmares. While there are risks inherent in all medical procedures, poorly designed, inadequately tested, or otherwise faulty medical devices magnify those risks and pose many more. A patient with a defective medical device or implant can suffer many serious side effects and debilitating injuries, or even death.

Companies that manufacture these devices and implants have a moral and legal obligation to ensure they provide a safe product, warn consumers about potential risks, and advertise the product without making false or misleading claims.

At HSH, our product liability lawyers have experience handling defective medical device and implant cases involving:

  • The St. Jude defibrillator (lithium cluster formation in the product’s batteries could cause sudden failure and potentially cut the life expectancy of the product in half)
  • Hernia Mesh (certain mesh products have been the subject of major recalls due to material failures resulting in obstructions, internal bleeding, chronic nerve damage or heightened risk of hernia reoccurrence)
  • And many others

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