Daylight Savings Time is Here – and Extra Care is Needed

At 2 AM on March 10, 2019, we sprung forward an hour thanks to Daylight Savings Time (DST). Here’s the good news: the much-anticipated event heralds the arrival of spring, which couldn’t come soon enough for many of us struggling through a difficult winter. Here’s the bad news: Not only will we be losing an … Read More

Ice Safety Tips

Whether or not you’re spending time in designated areas, you should be aware of some basic ice safety tips.

Hosting a Holiday Celebration: Part 2

It can be reported that the Ontario Court of Appeal has recently re-affirmed the existing state of the law regarding a host’s liability for their guests.

What You Need To Know About Canada Legalizing Marijuana

“Now that using marijuana is legal in Canada, I guess I can buy it anywhere and walk around with as much pot as I like, right?” The short answer is NO. Read on for the longer answer. Adults are now allowed to buy, use and grow cannabis legally in Canada. However, the age of majority … Read More

Road Safety: Time To Put on Those Winter Tires

The first snowfall is right around the corner – if it hasn’t already happened in your neck of the woods. To ensure the safest driving possible during the winter months, it’s time to turn our attention to changing our summer tires to winter tires. Many individuals drive throughout the year with all-season tires. While these … Read More