Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Homeowners

Although backyard pools can provide hours of enjoyment during the summer, they also impose significant responsibilities on their owners. Learn about the simple safety precautions that can allow your pool to be a source of joy for the whole family.

Be a Diligent Host at your Holiday Celebration

As a host of an event where alcohol will be served, you should keep your guests’ safety in mind. A host’s concern is not just to the intoxicated, but to anyone who has consumed alcohol, regardless of how much.

Safety Tips for Winter Walking

HSH Founding Partner Michael Henry discusses some winter walking hazards and shares simple tips for staying safe while travelling on foot.

Tips for Fireworks Safety

Fireworks displays are a much-loved Canadian summer tradition, but they can cause serious injury if safety precautions are not followed. Learn about simple steps that can keep adults and children out of harm’s way.

Cottage Safety: Tips for Summer Sports and Activities

Spending time at the cottage is a Canadian summer tradition, but many activities such as swimming and boating can pose risks for owners and their guests. Learn about some straightforward safety precautions that can help to keep everyone out of harm’s way this summer.