Articles and Papers

The field of law constantly evolves, as does the definition of justice. At Howie, Sacks & Henry, our lawyers are rigorous in their application of the law and in ‘fighting the hard fight’ on behalf of our clients. Throughout the process, the expertise of our lawyers becomes that much more significant. Provided below is a select list of articles written by our lawyers, dealing with elements of law we believe might be of interest to other lawyers in the field of personal injury law – and which may ultimately benefit their clients.


  • Chronic Pain: An Invisible Injury

    The existence of chronic pain is often talked about but rarely understood. Plaintiff counsel face great difficulty in proving the subjective complaints of clients without objective evidence.

  • New PJI Changes Effective January 1, 2015 – Retroactive or Prospective?

    Bill 15 came into effect on January 1, 2015. One of the major changes is that the rate of pre-judgment interest (PJI) on general damages in motor vehicle accidents has been reduced from 5% per annum to a floating interest rate, which is currently 1.3%.

  • More Changes to Hurt Accident Victims

    While the Bill 15 may have some positive aspects for the public, the Government has once again further reduced the rights of accident victims.

  • Be a Diligent Host at your Holiday Celebration

    As a host of an event where alcohol will be served, you should keep your guests’ safety in mind. A host’s concern is not just to the intoxicated, but to anyone who has consumed alcohol, regardless of how much.

  • Slip and Fall: Standard of Care

    In this case, the Casino did not require employees to keep logs and did not place any particular employee in charge of cleaning food spills in their buffet service restaurant, but rather, asked each employee to be vigilant and to either clean any food spillage immediately...

  • The Impact of Bankruptcy on a Plaintiff

    An area of the law commonly misunderstood is that of bankruptcy and its consequences to on an injured car accident victim.

  • There’s No Place Like Home

    We recently attended before Master Dash to respond to a jurisdiction motion. Our client had been seriously injured in New York State when the vehicle in which he was a passenger was rear-ended by a transport truck.

  • Lay Witnesses Save the Day–At Trial

    The lay witnesses in DaSilva v. Dona highlight the importance of obtaining lay witnesses at an early stage in the proceeding. Statements from lay witnesses can be very persuasive for settlement purposes, not just at trial.