Hernia Mesh

A hernia – the displacement of an organ from the cavity in which it usually resides – can be an extremely painful and serious condition. When weakened or torn muscle tissue walls that usually keep the organ in place fail to act as support, surgery is often require to repair the damage. While surgical mesh products used in this procedure have been hailed as an exciting medical advance, they can also create complications that cause victims distress, disability, and even death.

Although there has been much media attention surrounding the problems of mesh used in transvaginal procedures, much less attention has focused on hernia mesh used in other surgeries – even though the patches are made from the same material and the complications that can result from its implantation are similar. At HSH, our experienced product liability lawyers specialize in cases involving this type of mesh. We can help you seek compensation if a procedure involving hernia mesh left you suffering from debilitating effects or other illness.

What is Hernia Mesh?

Like the mesh used in transvaginal procedures, hernia mesh is often made of a plastic substance called polypropylene. This material is used in various kinds of hernia surgeries to supplement or replace damaged tissue that resulted in organ movement. It acts as a patch or bridge to bind together the muscle/tissue wall. Although types of mesh has been used successfully in hernia operations for more than half a century, there are risks of complications and certain hernia mesh products have been recalled due defects which significantly increased these risks or failure rates.

Complications From Hernia Mesh

Common complications from hernia procedures – with or without mesh – include failure and reoccurrence of the hernia. Unfortunately, subsequent operations are less likely to be successful. There is also a general risk of infection, chronic pain, adhesion of skin, and obstruction.

Defective hernia mesh can increase the risk of these complications and also pose several additional problems, notably perforation and fissures of the skin and organs and pain due to nerve damage. Particularly serious instances of perforation and infection have resulted in blood poisoning and death.

Your Options

Various health agencies have mandated the recall of several types of hernia mesh found to be especially likely to cause these issues or be otherwise defective. If you or a loved one has had a hernia operation and suffered health problems as a result, an HSH product liability lawyer has the expertise to help you seek compensation. We can help you determine if you received a recalled or defective mesh product and research your symptoms to build a case.

At HSH, we believe that companies that profit from the products they sell have a moral and legal obligation to stand behind their products and compensate victims who have suffered from their negligence or poor quality standards. We can’t stop the pain related to your hernia complications, but we can help you in your quest to get the fair compensation you deserve from companies promoting faulty and dangerous products.

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